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Finding the next track

Free Summer Camps for Kokanee Nature Investigators in 2016

Kokanee Nature investigators: camps for scientists 10 – 16 years old.  Check our schedule .

Hike ‘n draw: Go out with an artist and a naturalist on the trails to start your own nature journal.

What does a wildlife biologist see? : Out on the trails identifying tracks, wildlife sign and looking for birds and wildlife.

Bugs: What invertebrates (and other things) live in Kokanee Creek and on its banks?

Tracking: Learn from the pros.  A  tracker gives us an introduction to forensic tracking and then we go out on the trails to look for wildlife tracks.

First Nation Use of Plants: On the trails with an aboriginal educator and the park naturalist to identify plants and learn how the first nations used them for medicine, food or other uses.

The Forest and Wildlife: How does wildlife use snags, logs, and other trees and how has fire affected our forest?