Kokanee Nature Investigators (Scientists 9 years to 12 years)

Kokanee Nature Investigators is an exciting  program  that invites young scientists 9 to 12 to develop their scientific inquiry skills in a series of fun, hands-on activities.  Schedule

Our KNI programs:  Kokanee Creek Water Creatues;  Tracking; Wildlife Biology: Who lives at Kokanee Creek; Wildfire and Tree Rings and Botany.   Check out the schedule of events.

Animal Tracking - Who was here? Join senior naturalist Joanne Siderius in learning how to read  reading animal tracks and sign

Botany - What plant is this?  Joanne Siderius will be leading this module. We will not only be learning how to identify many of the plants in the park, we will be talking about their usefulness to people.

What creatures live in Kokanee Creek? How do we measure the “health’ of a creek? Join Joanne Siderius in sampling invertebrates and measuring various parameters of Kokanee Creek

Wildfire and tree rings: take a look at the forest of Kokanee Creek and It’s fire history and learn how to read tree rings.