At the Kokanee Creek Nature Centre, we have lots of exciting events happening every week.  Please check the schedule  to see what is happening this week. The following programs are offered by donation. Your support helps keep these programs alive!

Jerry’s Rangers – every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2PM!  Additional Jerry’s Rangers will be scheduled as the schedule permits,

Kokanee Creek (all day, week long) Nature Camps – NEW!!!!

Science in the Park  - Every Tuesday night at 7:00, we invite a recognized professional scientist to share their results with our guests. These programs are perfect for curious adults, and we provide a kids program in the Discovery Room, too.  Who is coming this year?  Check our  schedule.

Evening  Programs -

Mondays! David White of WildSafeBC will offer bear and cougar awareness talks.

Tuesdays is Science in the Park – join local scientists in discussing their research.

Wednesdays: Join Senior Naturalist Joanne Siderius in family-oriented talks that rely on trail cam videos, photos from the park and games.

Totem Talks – Every Thursday night at 7:00, come and hear an aboriginal perspective on wildlife from Toni Appleby, a aboriginal wildlife technician.

Friday nights: stay tuned!

Astronomy in the Park – a night with the stars!  check the schedule for the dates.

Stories in the Park – On Saturday evening, our regional storytelling guild will share a thrilling, moving, funny, or just generally entertaining story with our guests at the Nature Centre.

Redfish Festival – on August 27 we will celebrate the spawning of the Kokanee Salmon with live music, great food vendors, and plenty of trained guides to help you understand and view this magical event.