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Finding the next track

Free Summer Camps for Kokanee Nature Investigators in 2016

Kokanee Nature investigators: camps for scientists 10 – 16 years old.  Check our schedule .

Hike ‘n draw: Go out with an artist and a naturalist on the trails to start your own nature journal.

What does a wildlife biologist see? : Out on the trails identifying tracks, wildlife sign and looking for birds and wildlife.

Bugs: What invertebrates (and other things) live in Kokanee Creek and on its banks?

Tracking: Learn from the pros.  A  tracker gives us an introduction to forensic tracking and then we go out on the trails to look for wildlife tracks.

First Nation Use of Plants: On the trails with an aboriginal educator and the park naturalist to identify plants and learn how the first nations used them for medicine, food or other uses.

The Forest and Wildlife: How does wildlife use snags, logs, and other trees and how has fire affected our forest?

KNI Wildfire camp

New!! Wildfire Ecology Camp

We have introduced a new Kokanee Nature Investigator program – designed by Dr. Lori Daniels on Thursdays Aug 13 and Aug 27.  This camp allows young scientists to investigate forest ecology and wildfire through examination of tree rings and field work.  And all our KNI camps are free!

We have six Kokanee Nature Investigator camps:

  • Keep your own Science Journal;
  • Kokanee Creek Water Creatures;
  • Human and Animal Tracking;
  • Wildlife Biology: Who lives at Kokanee Creek;
  • Wildfire and Tree Rings.
  • and Aboriginal Botany.

Check out the schedule of events and join us!

Young biologists at the beaver lodge

KNI Wildlife Biologists At the Beaver lodge

Kokanee Nature Investigators is off to a great start.  Join us for Science Journaling;, Sampling Kokanee Creek; Tracking; Wildlife Biology and Aboriginal Botany.  And we have a special Kokanee Nature Investigators on Wednesday July 29th – Wildfire and Tree Rings.  Check out the schedule of events for the summer  and join us:


Kokanee Nature Investigators in 2015

Kokanee Nature Investigators returns for 2015!

Check out the schedule for our  Kokanee Nature Investigator (11- 16 year old scientists) programs.  How to keep a nature journal; Wildlife in Kokanee Creek Park; Tracking; Water: What’s in Kokanee Creek?; and Aboriginal Botany.  From 2:30 to 4:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and every other Thursday.

We hope to see you there!

Just to get you interested – check out this collection of wildlife clips taken in Kokanee Creek over the past year.




Curious Otter, Siderius Photo


What a day! Yesterday the Kokanee Salmon returned to the spawning channel (Welcome Home Redfish!) and our wildlife cameras captured an otter family leaving scent. They left scat and tracks – and hopefully we will get to see them in person!

Thanks to our sponsors: CBT, Nelson and District Credit Union and the West Kootenay EcoSociety!

Animal tracking - in the mud

Kokanee Nature Investigators Recent Activities

Kokanee Nature Investigators has only a couple of weeks left. Here are some of our more recent activities:

And our most recent trail cam video: a night time video of a coyote stalking…ground squirrels?

A stalking coyote

Thanks to our sponsors: CBT, Nelson and District Credit Union and the West Kootenay EcoSociety!